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Mitzner: Hiring Older Tech Workers a Good Idea

Tracy Mitzner is a senior research scientist at CATEA.

Atlanta, GA

Older workers in general, and Baby Boomers in particular, often face ageism when job hunting. And that reality is no different in Silicon Valley. But computing and aging experts say that needs to change.


These experts point out why hiring an older tech professional might be a good idea in an article in TechRepublic, an online trade publication for IT professionals.


Tracy Mitzner, a senior research scientist at the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA), noted that one reason is experience. They bring higher-level skills, she said in the article.


They are also able to serve as mentors and pass on their knowledge, she said.


For some jobs, such as software engineers, experience counts a lots, the article notes.

Mitzner's work at CATEA, a research center in Georgia Tech's College of Design, focuses on understanding age-related changes and the potential of technology to support older adults, including those with impairments.


Read more of Mitzner’s insight in TechRepublic.



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